Sustainable Handmade Products Cultivating Social Good.

Handmade Cloths

Sustainable dining and kitchen cloths handsewn with care 

Crochet Toys

Hand crafted giraffes, bunnies,

elephants and more


Like sunflowers, together,

we track the light.


Give a gift of inspiration

with our new kitchen towels and cloth napkins.


Cultivate Good. 

Bloom with us.

The People

the wonderful women

behind The Bloom Collective

The Bloom Collective is a cooperative business model leveraging the power of the economy to fuel growth of opportunity in the lives of talented local families


Our skilled artisan team makes handcrafted products that are good for the environment. Each sale has community level social impact empowering our Bloom team of refugee community members to thrive and connect.


We want to serve as leaders in an inclusive, people first economic movement and it all starts with a handsewn cloth.

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