Our story brings communities together.  We believe great things are possible as we perservere and seek good along with new opportunity.


Our core Bloom team is from Burma (now Myanmar).  After fleeing for the safety of our families, we resettled in the jungle between Myanmar and Thailand, unrecognized by either nation. 

We created and sustained an economy for over 20 years.  After decades, we legally immigrated to Winston Salem, North Carolina as refugees.

Through the YMCA Literacy Program we have learned English and sewing machine skills.  We are passionate about creating economic opportunity for our families and sharing our talents with our new community.

Our business is a cooperative style.  We offer our team choice and shared opportunity.  We want to go beyond wage labor and collectively share profits.  We want to generate social impact in the families who work with us.

We are currently launching artisan items while also farming in partnership with the Miracle Grounds Network of Crossnore School & Children's Home. We are grateful to keep growing roots through microbusinesses.  

Our vision is big but we start small.  Preservation of family and the earth are our core values.  We promote both in what we do.  

We invite you to join us as we cultivate good in our community together.  Bloom with us.

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